Oshkosh 2011

Hello everyone,

As you probably know, it’s Oshkosh time!  We have been busy here at DCA HQ getting all sorts of goodies ready to go.

We are located in space #270 at the southwest corner of Hangar A, which is the row west of Lycoming.  We will have our Super 18 LT, kit components, and parts on display with another Super 18 based offsite for demo rides.  We will have a selection of parts available for purchase at the show.  Parts purchased at Oshkosh will receive a 10% discount.  This does not apply to orders placed at Oshkosh (e.g., if it’s not something we have with us, it is not eligible for the show discount).  You can find maps at http://www.airventure.org/planning/schedules_maps.html.

If you are interested in a demo ride, please contact Amy via email at algesch AT dakotacub.com or give a call onsite to (262) 352-0263.

Be sure to stop by our forum, “LSA Fun: The Dakota Cub Super 18 LT” at 4:00-5:15 pm at Forum Pavilion 11 (BRP/Rotax building).  We’ll be discussing design, construction, and performance as well as answering questions.  Hope to see you there!

Track us via Spot!


Check out Sporty’s AirVenture app as well, available for free at the App Store and Android Market.  You can see a map of where Dakota Cub is located as well as view the forum schedule and “favorite” the Super 18 forum.

Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook (Dakota Cub/Super 18 Aircraft) and follow us on Twitter @Dakota_Cub!  We’ll be tweeting throughout the week and there may even be prizes . . .

See you there!



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