STC Showcase: Extended-Range Fuel Tanks

We do firmly believe that the only time you have too much gas is when you’re on fire (or when that 42-oz gas station special that looked so appealing before departure turns out to not be such a good idea).  This is especially important for the members of our customer family that operate in remote areas where gas stops are few and far in-between, and prone to extended outages to boot.  So what’s a Cub driver to do?

Install Dakota Cub extended-range fuel tanks, of course.  We developed these tanks to Part 23 standards for our certified Super 18-180, which means these tanks meet the latest regulations for construction.  They are better reinforced than original tanks or other aftermarket tanks due to these stringent requirements, which means they are much more leak-resistant, especially over the life of a working airplane.

DCA does produce 18-gallon tanks (right) as well as our popular 23-gallon tanks (left)

Our extended range tanks have a 23-gallon capacity which equates to a solid hour of extra flying for most applications (ex., standard PA-18 tanks=18 gallons, standard PA-12 tanks=19 gallons).  They can be installed without recovering the wing for retrofit installations and require peeling back the fabric; however, they are easiest to install when performing a full restoration with uncovered wings.  We also produce tank lids for continued easy access for inspection.

Our tanks are installed with tank straps to keep them secure and minimize the flexion forces affecting them.  By suspending them in straps, we decrease the wear and tear that makes other non-strapped tanks prone to leakage.  Because really, who wants to deal with a fuel leak trapped inside a wing with no tank lid?  Quite frankly, that’s the stuff that haunts our nightmares because it means more time spent on the ground chasing squawks that keep us from flying!

Can I Use Them?

Our extended-range fuel tanks are approved for the following models:

  • PA-11, PA-11S
  • PA-12
  • PA-18, 18S, 18 “105″ (Special), 18S “105″ (Special), 18A, 18 “125″ (Army L-21A), 18S “125,” 18AS “125,” 18 “135″ (Army L-21B), 18A “135,” 18S “135,” 18AS “135,” 18 “150,” 18A “150,” 18S “150,” 18AS “150″
  • PA-19 (Army L-18C), 19S
  • PA-20 “115,” 20 “125,” 20 “135″ Note: Models manufactured in 1950 are ineligible unless retrofitted with the electrical fuel quantity management system (i.e. no sight gauge)
  • PA-22, 22-108, 22-125, 22-135, 22S-135, 22-150, 22S-150, 22-160, 22S-160

For more information, contact us at or give us a call at (605) 757-6628!



About dakotacub

Dakota Cub is the manufacturer of the Super 18 family of aircraft. We are also a supplier of FAA PMA'd parts for various Piper aircraft models no longer supported by the factory. We have numerous STCs for improved parts and other upgrades as well.
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