Super 18-160 Featured in “Top 20” Photos of AirVenture 2011

We are pleased to report that N230AK, our Super 18-160 demonstrator, is featured in EAA Chief Photographer Jim Koepnick’s Top 20 Photos of AirVenture 2011.  We were honored to have flown a photo mission with Jim, along with EAA Staff Photographer Steve Cukierski and photo plane pilot Bruce Moore, a mix of names equivalent to aviation photography royalty.

Do we have attractive airplanes or what? (c) 2011 Jim Koepnick

We are looking forward to seeing more of the images from the shoot and we promise you will see them too!  Until then, please enjoy the following gallery (it’s not often we get to share top billing with Bob Hoover and a B-29!):

Note: This gallery is hosted on Facebook but does not require a Facebook account.  It has not been added to the photo gallery list on yet.


About dakotacub

Dakota Cub is the manufacturer of the Super 18 family of aircraft. We are also a supplier of FAA PMA'd parts for various Piper aircraft models no longer supported by the factory. We have numerous STCs for improved parts and other upgrades as well.
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