Open House: June 8th

For those of you headed west to the Missouri Breaks and Johnson Creek fly-ins, Dakota Cub is hosting an open house on Wednesday, June 8th.  Of course, you don’t have to be a Super Cub pilot/owner or headed to the Breaks to stop in!  We have scheduled the open house for a Wednesday around the Breaks fly-in and Black Hills Round Up so that DCA HQ can act as a stopover point (food and lodging) for westbound pilots.

Dakota Cub International is approximately 1800′ long and not on the chart.  There are trees on the south end and a road at the north end.  If you are landing to the south, please try to time your approach so you don’t make cars stop (although it’s fun, we want to be good neighbors).  If you are landing to the north over the trees, it’s easy to just come in over the trees and cut power and land normally.  The windsock is located approximately halfway down the runway on the west side (next to the driveway).  There is also a weather station located on the east side of the runway approximately 600 feet from the south end.  The coordinates are: N 43 34.951′ W 96 31.080′

Google Maps page with photo:…=UTF8&t=h&z=17

Please be advised there are two large towers (2o00′ AGL) to the southwest.  Additionally, Sioux Falls Class D airspace is not too far to the west, but we are located east of Brandon, SD, and if you stay east of Brandon you will be outside FSD’s airspace.

This is an OFF-AIRPORT event.  DCA HQ is not an official airport and we make no claims as to conditions of the runway.  The terrain is very mildly rolling and pretty sedate, but land AT YOUR OWN RISK.   Dakota Cub is not liable for damages that occur as a result of attending the open house–and your landing on our runway constitutes acceptance of these terms.  We are a pretty laid-back group and like to have fun, safely.  Again, we work to be good neighbors and to be considerate of those around us.  Please keep that in mind with your arrival procedures and fun flying.

South-facing view of DCA runway. Note tetrahedron on the right and electrical box on the left and road.

Elevation difference between road and runway (slight rolling terrain on runway)

If the tetrahedron disagrees with the windsock, DO NOT trust it. Use the windsock! (tetrahedron weighted to point south with winds <5 kts)

Small and occasionally difficult to see weather station on east side of runway (approximately 600 feet from south end)

Windsock with weather station slightly visible in background. Windsock is approximately in the middle (900 feet from north or south end)

These are placed on either side of the runway every 100 feet to make grading short takeoffs and landings easy!

Bring tie-downs for your aircraft and a tent if you are staying overnight.  We have a shower available and some inside space where we can probably cram a few people (shop floors likely open in event of downpour).  We have room for 20-25 airplanes so invite your friends!

Fuel is available at Luverne, MN (KLYV) and Sioux Falls, SD (KFSD) and several other nearby airports.  KLYV typically has the best prices.

Food’s on us–but we appreciate grill help!

Please RSVP using the poll or email Amy at algesch AT and let us know how many of you are coming!

P.S.  We promise it’s greener now!

About dakotacub

Dakota Cub is the manufacturer of the Super 18 family of aircraft. We are also a supplier of FAA PMA'd parts for various Piper aircraft models no longer supported by the factory. We have numerous STCs for improved parts and other upgrades as well.
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